The ScanScribe Document Image Editor

A paper presented at UIST 2003:
Perceptually-SupportedImage Editing of Text and Graphics
(best paper award)

ScanScribe UIST Video Figure

ScanScribe Overview

ScanScribe Downloads

ScanScribe requires the use of Sun Java JRE, version 1.4.1 or higher. If you do not have the Java JRE already installed on your machine, you will need to install it before continuing. Java is available free of charge from Oracle at

On some Windows installations (Windows 8, sometimes Windows 7), after installing Java you will need to add a link to the runtime directory as a PATH System environment variable. See or search on the web for other helpful links for how to do this.

A Note on Java Security:

Recently there have been serious security issues with Java. People are being advised to turn off Java in their browsers because web sites containing malware.

ScanScribes runs as a Java Application, not a browser Applet. All activity takes place on your desktop or laptop.

ScanScribe05 (2013)

  • Up to date installers for Windows and Mac.
  • Welcome Tour, walks through the basic UI and features.
  • Save pages as structured .svg files so you can save and restore projects in progress.
  • Saving as html (web pages) with embedded images.
  • Optional checkerboard background to more easily see what's transparent.
  • Anchor icon to make it easier to understand and work with anchored objects.
  • Beautification of ink strokes and simple shapes.
  • New InkScribe mode for notetaking on a pen computer.

    Available Downloads


    **IMPORTANT**: Before opening the file, make sure the downloaded file name includes the extension, .exe.

    ScanScribe05b3 (2013, preferred): ScanScribe05b3-setup.exe

    ScanScribe1.0a7 (2012): ScanScribe1.0a7ostrwin32.exe

    For Windows 7, you may need to run the installer from a command prompt, with a special extension:
    C:\downloads>Scanscribe1.0a7ostrwin32.exe -wait
    (This assumes the installer file is in a directory called C:\downloads. Replace this with your actual download directory.)


    ScanScribe05b1 (2013, preferred): ScanScribe05b1.dmg

    ScanScribe1.0a7 (2012): ScanScribe1.0a7.dmg

    Open the .dmg file. If your Mac says something like, "The app is damaged and cannot be opened", then you may need to change your security settings. Follow the instructions on this link,"
    or search for "mac app is damaged cannot be opened" for similar instructions on how to allow applications to be opened that don't come from the Apple app store.

    ScanScribe was an application of the Perceptual Document
    Analysis Area, in the Intelligent Systems Laboratory,
    Palo Alto Research Center.